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Photo, film and presentation content

You need presentation content for your event? You are planning a presentation in video format? You would like to document your event? Our content production team is tuned in to your needs.

Capture the moment - with professional event photography

Why not post a beautiful photo gallery or catch some unforgettable moments for your guests – our experienced photographers have the expertise and creativity to match, and are selected and appointed by us according to the individual requirements at hand.

Professional event movies extend the success of your event

Why not use the cinematic processing of your event for presentation and marketing purposes. Or use your projects efficiently and in a target group-centric way as part of your social media marketing efforts. Upon request, we will take care of the entire film production, right up to post production. This is how your live communication can really take effect well beyond the day of the event itself.

Interactive content for your presentation

Would you like to talk to your event guests and participants? Then why not make use of an interactive presentation. This will allow you to convey messages in a playful, engaging way. Our competent expert teams from the ‘Interactive’ division will provide you with advice and will assist you reliably throughout the entire project process.

Expert lectures, image film, 3-D animation for your product presentation - our media designers, photography and film experts are on hand to design and produce content that communicates your message with pinpoint accuracy.

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