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Grand Hall News

April 25, 2024

Local patriot through and through: Gerald Pott leads the Grand Hall team

Every now and then, joggers or walkers pass by, but you can't say there's much going on when you're standing in Gerald Pott's office by the floor-to-ceiling window. The Managing Director of the Grand Hall Zollverein loves this view. Especially the one in the background. The dominant coke oven battery skyline of the coking plant.

For him, there is nothing better, says the 53-year-old, with perhaps one exception: traveling to faraway countries. His work has already taken him to London, Hawaii and Jerusalem, where he lived for several years. The event manager and event director looked after hotels there such as the Sheraton and the Hilton. Privately, his favorite destinations are South Africa and Finland.

The Grand Hall - always a great moment

Born in the Sauerland region, he became a local patriot of the Ruhr not only with the Grand Hall. At the end of the 1980s, he completed his training at the Sheraton Hotel Essen. He later managed the events department of the Casino Zollverein for 15 years as a member of the management team. Until Tom Koperek, who had just converted the neighboring historic vacuum and compressor hall into an event location, made him a job offer.

Whether he wanted to consider becoming Managing Director of the Grand Hall. "He gave me two weeks, but I knew straight away that I would do it," says Pott, who knows Zollverein like no other. He deliberately let three days pass before agreeing. Anyone who visits him in his office today not only learns every detail about the coking plant - but also everything about the impressive history of the Grand Hall. "For me, it's always a great moment to enter the hall," he says, "it's a feeling that stays with you."

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