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June 21, 2023

"It's often easier to just talk in person" - For Mareike Kuntke, direct exchange is what makes for success

Sounds cool, but what is it actually, a one stop event location? We ask someone who should know: Mareike Kuntke is Head of Sales and responsible for event sales at Grand Hall ZOLLVEREIN.

Their customers are companies that love the special (the Grand Hall on the UNESCO World Heritage Site) on the one hand and comfort (all event-related services as part of a full-service model) on the other.

Sometimes it happens that companies and corporations planning a congress, a workshop or a celebration hire event agencies. Then the agency is also the first point of contact for the Grand Hall team. That's why "communicating in the shortest possible way" is one of the central tasks of the state-certified business administrator for the hotel and catering industry. "A lot of things are done by e-mail, but it's often easier to make a quick phone call or sit down together for more complex coordination." Just once? "Yes, it's faster and a lot more personal, especially, of course, if you already know each other from previous projects and the division of tasks is clear."

Permanent partners - from catering to technology

Just as often the case: The customer wants the organization of his event to be handled completely by the Grand Hall. Then Mareike Kuntke addresses the fixed partners from technology, catering, furnishings and equipment: "We've been working closely together since the old industrial hall was converted into the Grand Hall." So: if it goes hand in hand, despite a lot of work a lot of fun, then it must be a one stop event location.

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