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Grand Hall News

July 26 2023

Conversion makes events in the Grand Hall as energy-efficient as possible

The Grand Hall was launched seven years ago and has long since made a name for itself as the event location for high-class events in the Ruhr region and beyond. The renovation of the former industrial hall at Zollverein in 2016 cost 10 million euros, and now managing director Tom Koperek is once again putting up a considerable sum of money - this summer, the technology and lighting will be brought up to the very latest standards and the former switchgear house belonging to the Grand Hall will be given a fresh makeover.

 "We want to make the Grand Hall as energy-efficient as possible," Koperek says. For the measures, which will take several weeks, he has brought in the technology service provider Blue Wheels. Among other things, it will switch completely to LED lights. "A lot has happened in this area recently," adds Florian Kohn, managing director at Blue Wheels. "Atmosphere can now also be created excellently with LED." Not only on the stage, but also throughout the entire hall. For example, with special lighting effects that can be dimmed to any level or create colored waves.

Kilometers of cable for the best sound

But things really get complicated in the Grand Hall when a total of 15 kilometers of cable are laid for the new loudspeakers. Along the hall ceiling at a height of 8 meters. "We are installing the 40 speakers of various sizes in a decentralized manner," explains Kohn. "This will allow us to further improve speech intelligibility, for example for conferences and congresses." The technology specialists are guided by a complicated concept based on an acoustic simulation: To achieve the optimum sound, the team tried out every possible constellation beforehand.

Charging columns in front of the Grand Hall

The first big company event after the vacations is scheduled for mid-August, and everything has to be ready by then. "We're working flat out," says Tom Koperek, who is pleased that the modernization will save up to 75% in energy costs. "For our customers, that means being able to hold events even more sustainably and economically - without sacrificing quality." And then to really round things off, Koperek is also providing an e-charging infrastructure. As of soon, 10 fast-charging columns will be available in front of the Grand Hall.

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