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Grand Hall News

October 19 2023

Familiar with event management from the ground up:

Whenever possible, Philipp Goschau is "out on the pitch with my team FC Stoppenberg" on Mondays. The event manager takes the time. And he needs the time, because his job often keeps him busy in the evenings and on weekends. His job begins the moment the customer signs the contract with the Grand Hall, and extends from staff appointments and coordination of the trades involved to operational signage and branding.

Traveled the world and further specialized

Philipp Goschau is familiar with events from the ground up. As a trained chef and hotel specialist, he traveled the seas of this world on cruise ships and then worked in the USA as an F&B management trainee. For those who don't know the abbreviation, it stands for Food and Beverage, the largest sector in the hotel and restaurant industry. What followed was distance learning to become a hotel business administrator and finally event management at the Colosseum in Essen and the Metronom Theater in Oberhausen.

Back to the roots in Essen-Stoppenberg

He has now been contributing his experience to the Grand Hall's operations for two years - the decisive step forward for him. "Planning is everything," he says, "that works particularly well here." On the one hand, the Grand Hall's customer base consistently includes large companies and corporations, and on the other, "we have fixed catering and technical partners on whom we can rely 100% at all times." This is of elementary importance for the event manager, because he is also responsible for the complete and meticulously timed processes. And this applies to the set-up and dismantling as well as to the event itself.

The father of two sons does not want to conceal another significant personal advantage of his work at Zollverein: He lives with his family where he also grew up and always returned from his travels: In Essen-Stoppenberg, just a stone's throw away from the World Heritage Site, the Grand Hall and "his soccer field".

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