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Grand Hall News

August 15, 2023

Our lucky charm for almost 30 years

Light is a big topic in our technical conversion. We change all the lamps, install a completely new lighting system - but we always stay true to one lamp.

Namely the one that stands in the foyer of our administration. Sven Robusch and Tom Koperek, the current managing directors of the Grand Hall and Blue Wheels, saved the historic spotlight. When they were on the road together as lighting technicians with various touring productions through Germany in the 1980-ies, they discovered the old treasure that was about to be scrapped.

Who knows about historic theater lighting?

"Since the founding of our company, it has stood in changing locations as a lucky charm in the foyer," says Tom Koperek, "and indeed it has not left us now for almost 30 years, the luck." By the way, in this context, we would really appreciate if someone has a hint for us from which year the spotlight could originally come from... We'll just take a guess: 30s?

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